How We Do It


How We Do It


At Guitian Wealth Management it all starts with a comprehensive plan. This is not simply a piece of paper that we create and file away hoping or depending on it leading you to your destination. We are at our best and able to understand your goals after the following process:

•Asking questions and listening
•Helping identify short-term objectives and long-term goals
•Finding or creating customized solutions
•Planning and implementing
•Monitoring and evaluating progress and results
•Recommending and making changes when necessary

At the outset of each new client relationship we begin with a comprehensive review that involves establishing a thorough understanding of the client. This initial review stage, which is the basis for developing a customized investment strategy and wealth management plan, involves several meetings between the relationship management team and client and is completed prior to our first investment.

Once short-term objectives and long-term goals are established we work on finding or creating customized solutions that meet the client’s needs. Once a course of action has been decided upon we monitor and evaluate our progress, making sure objectives and goals are being met, recommending and making changes when necessary as new issues arise.

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